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Game Design Skills :
  • Fast prototyping : finding key features & variables to be tested. Using either paper or Game Maker Studio to create rough and disposable prototypes.
  • Game Documentation : creation of clear and illustrated documentation, including flowcharts, mock-ups and charts. In-depth data formatting using Excel.
  • Level Design : rational challenges implementation and management. Use of Tiled and Unity3D to make clear and adapted levels.
  • Teamplayer : able to understand every other profession, and then adapting myself to a team. Able to communicate very easily and autonomously with anyone necessary for my work.

Technical Skills :

  • Engines : Unity3D, Game Maker : Studio, WWise
  • Languages : GML (Game Maker native language), HTML, bits of C#
  • Various softwares: Adobe CS (Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Photoshop), Reaper, Tiled, SVN, WordPress…

Extra Skills :

  • Management : Basic knowledge in diverse social management theories. Led two student associations. Basic use of MS Project.
  • Sound Design : Sound recording (Zoom H2N) and modification (Reaper, Audacity) to create sound assets placeholders.

Education :

  • French « Prep school » PCSI/PC (2005-2007) : Intensive study of science to enter engineer schools
  • Mathematics bachelor (2007-2010) : University Paris sud XI, including one semester of study in Jyväskylä, Finland. Active participation in student associations, president of the Association of Passionate people about Interactive and Ludic Crafts (http://apoil.info), presented video games in several French shows (Japan Expo).
  • Game Design Bachelor (2010-2011) : University Montpellier Paul-Valery III. Theory of Game Design, introduction to prototyping tools (Multimedia Fusion 2), end-year team project, 5-months internship (see : Rulers of Nations).
  • ENJMIN – Video game conception Master degree – Game design & Management (2011-2013) : In-depth theories of Game Design & Level Design, creation of several team student projects (see : Eko Self Control), courses of social Management, 6-months Game Design internship (see : Imagana).


Following management courses allowed me to understand what’s asked to a game designer from a manager’s point of view. It also helped me to improve my skills in team communication, as it’s an important part of creating video games.
Also, some extra information about myself :
I really love travelling.