Nature : Board Game

Release : June 2012

Function : Game Designer, Product Sale

Eko is a 2 players board game made in 3 months for our school. The conception goal was to make an interactive experience, most often games, able to be fully understood and played enough to feel the experience of the game in 10 minutes.

The game is based on the rules of 4-2-1. The 2 players roll 3 dices together to gain « objective » cards, aiming to match symbols on dices with symbols on cards. If they’re unhappy with their symbols, they can reroll the dices of their choice up to 3 times. The main twist of the game is the very dices you’re rolling, on which you can change faces with different cards.

We are now looking for board game editors to sell it, and are currently waiting answers from 2 French editors.









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